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EMU at the Abu Dhabi-Louvre. The MIA collection at the Museum Cafeteria.

EMU’s MIA collection furnishes the the dining area of ​​the Café du Louvre in Abu Dhabi, the city-museum designed as a universal exhibition of human stories shared through civilizations and cultures. Defined by the press as the "universal museum of globalization", this architectural project bears the signature of the iconic archistar Jean Nouvel, who conceived this space as a sort of Medina, combining traditional Arabic inspiration and contemporary design. Two elements characterize the structure: light, that filters through the huge dome, evoking the shadow of the palms of the oases in the desert; and water, the central point of the building and the origin of its special micro climate. Within this extraordinary project, the seats of the MIA collection find their perfect location; the collection has been desigend by Jean Nouvel for EMU following the idea of the imprint, a sign that becomes an urban icon, identifiable anywhere in the world. Essential and pure lines, together with functionality, characterize the range, conceived to adapt to multiple contexts, both in the contract and private sectors.