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Extensible Table 230+70x100

Extensible table 230+70x100

Extensible table 230+70x100


Code: 3425

Type: Extensible table

Line: Athena

Collection: Classic

Material:  Steel 


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Technical data

Weight: 63.5 Kg

Width: 230+70 cm

Depth: 100 cm

Height: 75 cm

Static Load: 100 Kg

Extensible: Yes


The Athena line, made in steel, has a classic design for a friendly, always stylish, atmosphere. It is marked by a distinctive ornamental motif in woven metal sheet which gives elegance and character to the collection. Athena offers complete sets of chairs, tables and lounge furniture for relaxing outdoor moments. Soft, curved shapes of chairs and chaise longue blend with grace and balanced elegance.  

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