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Extensible Table With Ceramic Top 200+100x100

Extensible table with ceramic top 200+100x100

Extensible  table with ceramic top 200+100x100


Code: 691

Type: Extensible table

Line: Kira

Collection: Advanced

Material:  Aluminium   Porcelain stoneware 


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Technical data

Weight: 82 Kg

Width: 200+100 cm

Depth: 100 cm

Height: 74 cm

Static Load: 100 Kg

Extensible: Yes


Kira collection by Christophe Pillet is a complete range inspired by “a summer cocktail party, with a light, sensual, elegant ambience”. Simple yet sophisticated, the hallmark of the Kira collection is the combination of aluminium and outdoor fabric. The clean-cut yet delicate lines and the range of neutral shades chosen for the range make Kira the ideal option for creating an inviting atmosphere.

The series

Christophe Pillet

Lucidity of expression and the search for simplicity are the key principles: in the work of Christophe Pillet the elegance is optimized. Pillet’s perfect command of sensuality and refinement has made him one of the rare French designers who has gained global recognition designing hotels, boutiques and directing artistic projects in the USA, Great-Britain and Japan. He has won international ...