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Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics

Acrylic fabric: a bre whose base element is a polymer chain consisting of 85% acrylonitrile. Acrylic bre combines the aesthetic qualities of a luxurious fabric with the texture and feel of wool with the functional qualities of resistance to the elements: UV resistant, it does not stain and does not rot upon contact with water as it is fast-drying.
Polyester fabric: a bre composed of linear macromolecules consisting mainly of polyethylene terephthalate. It has excellent mechanical properties: it withstands breakage, light and abrasion. It does not deform permanently, it has an excellent elastic recovery and is waterproof.

Avoid prolonged contact with greasy substances and/or dyes, which may be absorbed by the coating material, causing permanent staining and deterioration of the yarn structure. Frequent washing: use water and non-abrasive, colourless liquid detergents with neutral PH. Leave the detergent to react for a few minutes, if required Rinse thoroughly with water at a temperature not exceeding 30°C. If pressurised devices are used, keep the diffuser tip at least 60/70 cm away from the surface of the item. Repeat the operation if necessary.

WHITE                                      TAUPE

ECRU                                         WHITE                                     GREY

 WHITE                                     BROWN                                     DARK GREY

LIGHT GREY                              HIBISCUS                                 TURQUOISE

PINSTRIPE                                 JEANS                                      GREIGE


3D FABRIC - WHITE                    PRINTED FABRIC  - WHITE               

Products made of this material


Armchairs and sofas 




The EMU collection features a wide range of cushions in custom fabrics that come in different colours, all the better to adapt to various furnishing styles, enhancing the comfort of every seat. Created with high-performance, quality materials in Tempotest solution-dyed acrylic with outstanding weather and UV-ray resistance. Soft, durable padding that is lined on the interior and moulds with use, yet immediately springs back into its original shape. The concealed zips feature faux leather details that hide the pull-tab. An extensive range of different shapes and sizes for numerous combinations of use with the various EMU seat models. The magnetic cushions are made in EMU-tex fabric that is extremely weather resistant and feature a powerful magnet inside, which keeps them firmly in place on the seats. Available in a wide range of colours, they come in three different shapes: rectangular, square and round.