Our company’s policy is always focused on the quality of the products that the customer perceives in their day-to-day functionality and longevity. Through appropriate and planned activities in every business function we work to provide products that meet the pre-set objectives of quality, customer service ,cost and compliance with applicable requirements. The procedures in use have the purpose of guiding the individual company functions but in the areas of intersection unforeseen/not perfect situations occur which must be resolved with the effective collaboration of the parties, with the aim of satisfying the client and not to safeguard their role.

Each of us will work to understand and meet the performance, punctuality, quality and aesthetics expectations of our internal and end customers. We are committed to continuously improve the quality of our products by focusing on the evolution of technology, processes and skills. Each of us will work to identify and eliminate the sources of error and waste in our processes and products. Every employee is an essential part of our quality system and must receive motivation and evaluation of his/her work.

Company’s top management and the responsible functions are responsible for:
– communicate this quality policy internally and to all interested parties;
– set goals for quality;
– promote the process approach aimed at seizing opportunities and preventing unwanted results;
– assign the specific responsibilities;
– provide the necessary resources;
– provide adequate education and training to employees;
– monitor and improve the defect rate of products sold and internal processes;
– monitor and improve the level of satisfaction of the customer and the stakeholders;
– monitor and improve, if necessary, the quality management system.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015



UNI EN ISO 9001:2015