We think Outside
We think Outside

We think Outside is an invitation to enthusiastically release the desire to live outdoors, beyond any physical and mental constraint; an approach that EMU translates into the continuous search for innovative and original solutions, typical of the best Made in Italy know-how.

Welcome outside in every light.
Vast opportunities under one open sky.
Home of those who think beyond walls that confine.

We are creators, architects, craftsmen, designers, producers,
hoteliers, chefs, makers, movers, shakers.
We love what we do and we respect the world we live in.
So come outside, take a seat, relax, interact.
Enjoy the good things in life.

Hospitality, personality, ideas, points of view.
Care less about time because our work is timeless.
That’s what we build, that’s what we believe in.

We are with you, we are EMU.