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Design&Simulation Centre

EMU has inaugurated its new Design&Simulation Centre, a centre of design and research, created to valorise its product research work and show how the products can be used in different contexts. The company has worked closely with internationally renowned designers and budding, young talent for years to achieve this keystone and make it an integral part of a wider project to develop the brand.

EMU presents its new Design&Simulation Centre, a planning and research centre strongly promoted by the new corporate management, which has made it a pivotal element in its new development plan. Its purpose is to enhance, more and more, the research work on products and use of the latter in various contexts, an effort which has been pursued by the brand for several years now, also thanks to its collaboration with internationally renowned as well as up-and-coming young designers.

The new space, an architectural project by the designer Andrea Pascucci, covers an area of about 1000 square metres; free of formal architectural contaminations. The Centre shows clear-cut and essential, carefully drawn lines, making for roomy interiors.
The indoor spaces are in constant communication with the outside areas, thanks to wide glazing, which guarantees an unobstructed view outdoors and brighten up the rooms.

Its streamlined architecture enhances the simulation of the various rooms, both in the home or for common use, including living, relaxation, veranda and outdoor areas; the reinforced concrete structure makes for a sturdy construction and perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, which already includes the brand factory covering about 100.000 square metres of which 50.000 covered. The lynchpin between the new building and the adjacent office block is cladding part of the facades with expanded metal, a second skin reminding us of a material traditionally used for EMU products.

The purpose of the new Design&Simulation Centre, therefore, is not only to enhance the product, integrating it within indoor & outdoor natural contexts for which it has been designed, but also to provide a visiting card for the company’s sales force, which has the chance to give customers an overview of the final result which is as realistic as possible; last but not least the Centre is aimed at boosting all research and development activities in the current design department, as part of a space where technicians and designers can find inspiration for continuously developing processes and products.

EMU is also focused on the discovery of emerging talents and on working with Universities and Design Centres; the idea is to establish a productive exchange between young minds and a company which has always exported worldwide the Italian culture of outdoor living. This is why, inside the new facility, plans have been made for workstations for interns as well as for research laboratories.

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