IMPROPER USE AND WARNINGS 2020-10-16T17:52:56+00:00


Such as:
– do not use the seats as stool, step, trestle, gym equipment or for similar purposes;
– do not swing on the legs. Do not sit on the backrest. Do not sit on the armrests. Do not load any weight greater than 120 kg on the seats;
– keep an eye on children when they are using the seats. Refrain from using the seats if you notice that they are damaged in order to prevent injuries and bruising to the user. The seats should not be altered or changed in any way. This might prejudge their functionality and lead to forfeiting the warranty;
– do not use the tables as step or trestle. Do not stand on the tables. Do not load any weight greater than 40 Kg on the tables;
– do not cover the products with non-transpiring canvasses (e.g.: canvasses and tablecloths made of PVC, nylon, etc.). Lack of transpiration causes irreparable damage to the product finishing.

At the end of its use, do not dump the furniture in the environment but contact the companies responsible for the disposal of solid and municipal waste, for its transfer to the Tip or its eventual recovery. If you live in an area where freezing is likely, store the product in a clean and dry place. The accumulation of water inside the frame pipe – if exposed to freezing temperatures – might lead the frame pipe to cracking or bursting. During the storage and stacking phase, do not exceed the number of stackable units stated in EMU official materials. Excessive heights could pose risks to safety and might increase the potential for rubbing and subsequent wearing of the frame finishing. For any clarifications regarding the maximum number of stackable units, please check out the product page.