How do I disinfect the products in accordance with COVID-19 regulations?

Both ethyl and denatured alcohol can be used to disinfect the products, both approved as hydroalcoholic solutions required to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you would rather use other disinfecting solutions, we recommend trying them somewhere not visible (i.e. under the table top) and avoiding prolonged contact with the product, to verify whether they can damage the materials.

The product should be cleaned before being disinfected in order to remove any residue of dirt that could jeopardize the efficacy of the operation.

There are some problems with an article I bought. What do I do?

When you open the packaging and discover the article is damaged or shows a manufacturing defect, before you assemble it, you can return it within 14 days to your nearest sales outlet where you bought the product together with the receipt.

Where can I find retouch paint?

Please contact the store/retailer where you purchased the products with the colour code or a photo clearly showing the colour and ask for retouch paint.

Where can I find your catalogue?

You can download the EMU catalogue directly from our website at this link: CATALOGUE. If you wish to receive a hard copy of the catalogue, you can collect it from any of our authorised sales outlets. To find your nearest outlet, please look at the following page: STORES.

Where can I find my nearest sales outlets?

Enter the name of your town, the article you require and your  e-mail and the STORES section will show you your nearest retailer. You can view your nearest sales outlets on Google Maps. The map will also show you the EMUS EMOTION Spaces, authorised sales outlets inside which you’ll find an EMU area to help you live in the open air with our furnishings.

Can I find the prices of the products online?

You can find all the products in the EMU general catalogue on our website. The product information sheet, with all the specifications for that particular product, also includes a special form entitled “MORE INFO” for you to complete in order to request the price.

How long does the guarantee last?

Products in the EMU line are guaranteed for two years against structural defects not due to improper use or lack of maintenance and invasive rust not the result of scratches or scrapes from use and not removable with normal cleaning and maintenance. There may be some uneven patches on the surface of the product due to the special paint used, which do not in any way affect the intrinsic quality of protection of the product. Should you wish to use the guarantee, you must take the faulty article and receipt of purchase to your dealer. EMU Group S.p.A. declines liability for damage caused to things or to people arising from an incorrect use of the product. The guarantee does not include any type of assistance or repair for the product or for any damaged parts.

Where can I find 2D and 3D models?

You can download the 2D and 3D drawings directly from the professionals’ area on our website. You will have to register and then login, after which you will be able to download the available files for each product.

Where can I get spare parts?

In case you need to replace worn feet cap covers or any other plastic components please contact an EMU dealer.

Can I leave the cushions outdoors?

Emu cushions have all been tested outdoors. The fabrics are UV resistant and are either waterproof or they dry rapidly. In winter or during prolonged rainy periods, we advise you to protect your sofas with Emu covers.

How do I clean Textilene?

EMU – Tex is a technical fabric for outdoor use made of polyvinylchloride. It is extremely robust and is guaranteed a long life:

maximum resistance to ultraviolet rays, humidity and sharp temperature changes and is weatherproof.

Maintenance: Avoid prolonged contact with greasy substances and/or colourants, which could not only be absorbed by the covers and leave permanent stains, but also destroy the fabric. Frequent washes: use water and liquid, non-abrasive, colourless detergents with a neutral pH. Leave the detergent to act for a few minutes, if necessary. Rinse with plenty of water at a temperature of no more than 30°C. If you use a pressurised device, hold the nozzle at least 60/70 cm from the product surface. Repeat the operation, if necessary. Regular and/or extraordinary washes: use a stain remover restorer for PVC, as follows.

Proceed as follows:

– apply the stain remover on the dirty canvas;

– leave the product for 15-30 minutes;

– rub the stained areas with an ordinary hard bristle wash brush (this needs to be done, as the dirt penetrates the fabric).

– rinse in running water (if possible rinse with a pressure washer from a distance of approximately 60 cm so as not to damage the canvas under high pressure);

– repeat the operation, if necessary.

N.B.: when you apply the product, take care not to apply it on the painted parts of the product.

Do you offer a product assembly service?

Yes, our authorised retailers offer a product assembly service on request. Please contact your local retailer.

I can’t remember the name of the article. How can I identify it?

If you want to know the name of the article you have purchased, please send us an e-mail to info@emu.it with a full view photo of your product. We will be happy to send you all the information you require.

Where can I find the assembly instructions?

The assembly instructions are in the plastic bag with the screws in the product box.

Can I buy the furniture screws separately?

The furniture screws are inside each product. If you find they are missing, contact the retailer where you purchased the article.

Can I keep my sofas outside all through the winter?

Our sofas are designed to be weather resistant. However, during the winter and for periods of extended non-use, we recommend you store your sofas in a sheltered place and/or use our covers.