A journey to discover the designers’ narratives on their relationships with EMU.
Different, unique and genuinely spontaneous stories.

#whyemu gives a voice to the designers and reveals the most hidden soul of the products, so as to understand their character, inspirations, creativity and emotions. Some of the designers we work with have made videos to tell us about their relationship with EMU, from the first sketch to product development, a professional as well as a human experience above all.

“The uniqueness of EMU lies in creating truly outdoor products that last over time even for a very severe market such as that of street contract.”


“EMU is really strong because it is a producer: develops and produces and that makes a big difference in this market.”

Patrick Norguet

“Design products must be Quality one and Honest , they must bring actual functional solutions and put people at ease.”


“Mom is love, generosity: rounded, graceful and welcoming.”

Florent Coirier

“A simple gesture , lost in the mists of time. Hence a collection inspired by the primordial binding with which man was able to create his own refuge and the first objects by assembling elements.”


“Carousel takes you outdoor in a completely new way. The interesting combination of aluminum, textures and colors allows you to create a variety of settings and atmospheres.”

Sebastian Herkner

“EMU is an unique and rare company today, because it ‘s born with the real material and not just with the design and, consequently, the design is as it should be.”


“We choose Twins as name of this collection because it is composed of two twin versions: on one hand, a full teak version and, on the other hand, a version in which teak and aluminum are combined.”

Sebastian Herkner

“Cabla collection summed up in three words : versatile, comfortable and technical.”


“Collaborating with EMU is always very friendly, intuitive, easy”

Christophe Pillet