Coffee table


Coffee table / cod.5047

Cabla, designed by Lucidi-Pevere, is a modular and assemblable upholstered furniture system designed to allow many configurations using just 3 modules: a single linear seat, chaise longue and armrest. The metal core of the stainless steel structure, a product of EMU’s longstanding expertise, is combined with the comfort and chromatic variety of the outdoor fabrics, achieving maximum compositional and expressive ductility in a wide range of settings, even for seaside. Wire mesh coffee tables in various shapes and sizes complete the collection, offering many options for hosting get-togethers with family and friends.

Designer: Lucidi / Pevere

Material:  Steel

Collection:  Cabla

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Technical Info

Weight: 17.8 Kg
Dimensions L/P/H: 98.5 x 98.5 x 30 cm
Static Load: 100 Kg
Shape: Square



To keep the product in good condition for a long time, we recommend storing it indoors and in a dry place during the winter to prevent condensate from forming. Before the winter and on a quarterly basis, if the products are kept near the sea, it is recommended to clean the metal surfaces with a soft cloth using water or detergent and protect them with Vaseline oil or car wax.