Round table d80


Round table d80 / cod.493+493/V

The idea underlying Heaven project is that of lightness derived from forms emerging from hollow spaces bordered by interweaving lines. The thin, woven steel frame is the distinctive feature of a collection marked by well-proportioned lines and overall harmony. Steel chairs paired with transparent glass tops lighten the table surfaces, lending them almost an intangible aspect.

Material:  Steel - Tempered Glass

Collection:  Heaven

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Technical Info

Weight: 16.20 Kg
Dimensions L/P/H: Ø 80 x Ø 80 x 75 cm
Glass Top: Yes
Static Load: 100 Kg
Shape: Round



To keep the product in good condition for a long time, we recommend storing it indoors and in a dry place during the winter to prevent condensate from forming. Before the winter and on a quarterly basis, if the products are kept near the sea, it is recommended to clean the metal surfaces with a soft cloth using water or detergent and protect them with Vaseline oil or car wax.

The glass surfaces are easy to clean and do not require special maintenance. We recommend using a cloth dampened with water and a mild detergent, then rinse and rub with a dry cloth. Be careful not to scratch any painted surfaces. If the water used has an excessive amount of limescale or other mineral salts which leave stubborn marks or streaks when the surface dries, specific commercial products can be used for cleaning the glass instead of the mild detergent, except for painted surfaces.