Square EMU cushion

Emu cushions

Square EMU cushion / cod.C/703

A range of cushions in fabric which enhances comfort when seated. This range of cushions comes in different colours to better suit the wide variety of furnishing styles. There are two shapes, round and square, for each EMU collection. With a removable cover, they can be washed and easily attached.

Material:  Fabrics Basic

Collection:  Emu cushions

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Technical Info

Weight: 0.13 Kg
Dimensions L/P/H: 38 x 38 x 2 cm
Shape: Square


Avoid prolonged contact with greasy substances and/or dyes or colorants that could be absorbed by the covering material and cause permanent stains, as well as deteriorating the yarn structure. In the case of use near the sea or swimming pools, periodic washing is recommended. Frequent washing: follow the specific instructions given on the label for each material. Use water and non-abrasive, colorless, neutral PH liquid detergents. If necessary, allow the detergent to act for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water at a temperature not higher than 30°C (86°F). If pressure cleaning devices are used, keep the tip of the nozzle at a distance of at least 60-70 cm from the surface of the product. If necessary, repeat the operation. Do not use abrasive sponges to remove stains and do not treat with bleach or chlorine.