Three seats sofa frame

Three seats sofa frame


Three seats sofa frame / cod.743

The Dock collection is made up of easy to assemble modular components that are ideal to elegantly personalise any space thanks to the understated elegance of the design. The aluminium bases and the backrests of various heights can create a variety of combinations, enhanced by elegant cushions.

Material:  Aluminium

Collection:  Dock

Cushions for this collection: C/751 Short right corner cushion - C/752 Short left corner cushion - C/753 Tall right corner cushion - C/754 Tall left corner cushion - C/756 Corner seat cushion - C/757 Seat cushion - C/758 Island seat cushion - C/759 Short back cushion - C/760 Tall back cushion

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Technical Info

Weight: 25.40 Kg
Dimensions L/P/H: 289 x 91 x 32 cm
Static Load: 200 Kg
Cushion Material: Acrylic fabric



To keep the product in good condition for a long time, we recommend cleaning it regularly; more often in very damp locations with a marine climate. It is recommended to clean the surfaces using a soft cloth with water or mild detergents. Prolonged and continuous exposure to intense UV radiation or very low temperatures can affect the initial characteristics of the coloured coating, which is made from polyester. We recommend cleaning and storing the products in sheltered places during prolonged periods of non-use and during the winter.


    How do I clean my sofa cushions?

    Avoid prolonged contact with greasy substances and/or colourants which could not only be absorbed by the covers and leave permanent stains, but also destroy the fabric. For frequent washing: use water and liquid, non-abrasive, colourless detergents with a neutral pH. Leave the detergent to act for a few minutes, if necessary. Rinse in plenty of water at a temperature of no more than 30°C. If you use a pressurised device, hold the nozzle at least 60/70 cm from the surface of the product. Repeat the operation, if necessary.

    Can I personalise the length of my Dock sofa?

    The Dock Sofa has two fixed, 2- and 3-seater bases.  You can personalise these two structures with a choice of cushions in different colours and shapes . So you can create personalised solutions on two fixed, non-extendable bases. If you would like to see a few suggestions, please look at the following page: EMU_Dock_2018_IT