Two seats sofa


Two seats sofa / cod.764

Tami is a linear, elegant system of versatile and modular outdoor seats, which stands out for its harmonic proportions and clean shapes. Tami is able to satisfy with a few simple gestures multiple functional needs, transforming itself into a sofa or a multi-seater sofa. The slats can be in WPC or in a composite made of natural bamboo, a material that maintains its original properties.

Designer: Patrick Norguet

Material:  Aluminium - WPC

Collection:  Tami

Cushions for this collection: C/770 Seat cushion - C/771 Back cushion - C/772 Armrest cushion - C/773 Decorative cushion

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Technical Info

Weight: 63.60 Kg
Dimensions L/P/H: 205 x 86 x 84 cm
Static Load: 200 Kg
Cover: Yes
Cover Type: FC/764
Cushion Material: Acrylic fabric



To keep the product in good condition for a long time, we recommend cleaning it regularly; more often in very damp locations with a marine climate. It is recommended to clean the surfaces using a soft cloth with water or mild detergents. Prolonged and continuous exposure to intense UV radiation or very low temperatures can affect the initial characteristics of the coloured coating, which is made from polyester. We recommend cleaning and storing the products in sheltered places during prolonged periods of non-use and during the winter.

WPCFor best care in an outdoor environment, it is recommended that the product be cleaned periodically: – for dust and debris: use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris; – for dirt stains: clean with a laundry brush using neutral soap and lukewarm water; – for oily stains: pat promptly with absorbent paper and clean the area with lukewarm water and neutral soap. Do not use pressure washing devices, which can damage the product. Do not use bleach or chlorine-based detergents. Do not use highly acidic or highly alkaline detergents. Use neutral detergents, best if diluted in water.