Bamboo is a rapidly growing material which is collected without causing deforestation. After harvesting, the outermost layer is removed and the bamboo strips are modified using a special thermo-treatment process at 200°, which increases the stability of the material, ensures protection of the materials against fungi and guarantees the highest durability class possible. After the heat compression process the bamboo fibres become stronger and harder that any existing type of wood. With this specific process you can have a high density hardwood table which is resistant to all weather conditions.

This is a natural untreated material, therefore it is subject to staining; if it is placed outdoors it is subject to oxidizing and therefore tends to become grey. In order to reduce the two effects mentioned above, it is advisable to apply some oil at least once a year.
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Because it is a natural product, removing stains once they have penetrated is not possible; a surface treatment before using the materials would minimally increase the possibility of a removal action before absorption. For the routine cleaning and hygienizing work on surfaces, it is sufficient to use water and neutral detergents.

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