Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Polished AISI 316 stainless steel.

a) DO NOT USE the following products on stainless steel parts:
– Bleach or detergents containing bleach (which can corrode stainless steel);
– Hydrochloric acid or products containing chloride (which can corrode stainless steel).
b) Salt, limescale or acid (from coffee, wine, orange juice, tomato and lemon juice, etc.) may discolour stainless steel parts that are not cleaned immediately.
c) Stainless steel products or parts used by the sea or for internal swimming pool furnishings require more frequent cleaning to remove deposits of chloride and to prevent the chemical corrosion of the external surface.
d) Stains or rust marks on the stainless steel surface should be removed immediately.
e) Stains left for a long time can become permanent
f) Rust can chemically attack or corrode stainless steel.
Removing stains or rust:
– Apply a specific non-abrasive detergent/polish for stainless steel;
– Test on a hidden stain to make sure that the original surface finish is not altered;
– Remember to rub lengthwise (not in a circle);
– Do not use abrasive pads;
– Rinse thoroughly with clean water;
– Finally dry thoroughly to prevent streaks, rub in the direction of the fibres.

Download material and maintenance sheet here